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Who am I?

Hi, my name is Fernando. A tipical day for me envolves hacking or studying and a good amount of time in the kitchen. My history within the IT world started when I was 14, internet was a privilege to the insomninac back then. Everyday I'd have to wait until 00:00 to connect with my wounderful 56kbps dial-up modem, when we only paid a single pulse to use the internet. This were the days of mIRC scripting: doing a lot of addons, bots and hacking (un)protected channels for fun. Since that I've been a consumer of Information and Network Security texts. Being a tech savvy made me the go to maintenance guy for my family, no matter the subject: computers, cellphones, commercial software etc... This evolved to something that made me some money in my early life. But old bricked/lost/scrapped pieces of hardware were pilling up fast in my house and I realized that my earnings were not enough to justify the stress and cluttering. That is when I decided to grab my first freelance as a programmer.

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